The Joys of Being Loved

We have our 4th BELOVED session next week at Eduardo Verastegui’s Guadalupe Medical Center, and I must say I always enjoy every minute of it. The small, intimate audience allows me to really connect with each of the participants as I see how the ideas touch their hearts and spark a flame within that reveals God’s great love for them.

BELOVED evolved from a few different talks I’ve done in the past targeting youth and young adults. Based on Scripture and Theology of the Body, it paints a very clear picture of what a relationship between husband and wife should be. And for those who are disenchanted with the dating world, BELOVED introduces the revolutionary concept of modern-day courtship.

What?! Courtship???

Yes, friends, that’s right. The session is sprinkled with stories of how my husband and I developed our friendship and moved into courtship with the intention of discerning marriage to one another. The journey was so enlightening for both of us – not to mention a lot of fun – so we now feel the responsibility to share the experience with other young men and women who want to try something different.

How is it different?

You’d have to come to a session! Just kidding. If you really want to know, you can check out a presentation I gave a couple of years ago called “Goodbye Dating, Hello Courtship”. It’s not as detailed as BELOVED, though it does have many of the same components. If you want to hear all the funny, candid anecdotal stuff, you really would have to come all the way out to Downtown LA…


Yes, really!

And you get FREE STUFF. Cool free stuff! To keep for yourself or to give away as a gift… But nevertheless, it’s pretty cool.

At the very least, your presence allows me to take a beautiful walk down memory lane and reminisce about how God brought two very broken people together and loved them into healing. It’s good for me…good for our marriage…and therefore good for our kids.

The proceeds from BELOVED help fund future projects and events sponsored by As He Loves Ministries, as well as support the amazing pro-life work done at the Guadalupe Medical Center.

So if you’re down for this movement to revolutionize the culture for LOVE and LIFE, we’d love to have you! For more info on our BELOVED sessions, click here.

Because God knows we can’t do this alone.


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