Defending Life


Therese Hope Dyogi


Every child has a right to life.  EVERY child.  Whatever the circumstances of his or her conception, God created each child out of love.  Even if the child would be born to a single parent or carry the cross of an illness or even live for only a few days, he or she was made on purpose WITH A PURPOSE.  It is our responsibility and obligation to protect the lives of the unborn…to speak for the voiceless…to give them a chance to fulfill the plan that our God has written for them.



I.  Openness to Life

     – The miracle of procreation

     – Welcoming God’s gift of children

II.  Praying for the Unborn

     – Spiritual adoption

     – Novena prayers

III. Requiem Masses and Pro-Life events

IV.  The Catholic-Christian’s Vote and Voice


Photo: Therese Hope Dyogi (courtesy of Emeline Moya, 2009)

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