Gary Rosete Dyogi

Originally from San Francisco, Gary first arrived in Los Angeles in 1996 where he attended Loyola Marymount University. He graduated in 2000, and pursued a career in sports medicine as an athletic trainer. After a number of life-changing decisions, Gary realized that his purpose in life was much deeper than his work, his ambitions, and his desire to live for himself.

When Gary met his wife Marianne in 2004, it was clear that God had bigger plans that would lead him to become a strong husband and father. When their first daughter was born in 2007, he chose to leave his job and work full-time outside his field as a domestic engineer and daycare provider until June 2013…which means he took care of their three kids and the household during the day. This was a priceless sacrifice and worth every milestone moment.

In 2012, Gary launched his own personal training business – Dyogi Fitness & Performance. Returning to his alma mater in August 2013, he proudly works once again at LMU so that Marianne can stay home and continue her role as educator for their own children.

Gary and Marianne give talks about chastity and courtship, sharing their story with those who want to put Christ in the center of their relationships. It is their humble way of giving back to God the fruits of all He has blessed them with, for which they will be forever grateful…

Click HERE to check out Gary’s talks!

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