Gary’s Talks

VALOR: Made for a Mission – To Protect Her, To Love Her, To Serve Her (PERSONAL TESTIMONY)

A man’s boyhood struggles can lead to young adulthood challenges in faith, relationships, and self-worth. But from these challenges comes a discovery of his potential to LOVE.  From this discovery arises a new beginning in life of being faithful to God, faithful to his wife, and faithful to his family. Through it all, the virtue that keeps him committed to this mission is VALOR.


“How Do I Courtship? I Don’t Get It” – Courtship from a Guy’s Perspective in This Day and Age

Chivalry is definitely not dead, and courtship is making a comeback. Men of every generation need to understand their role as spiritual leader in a relationship, appreciate the purpose of the chase, and be prepared to heroically pursue with the love of Christ. In this talk, Gary shares what he did to win his wife’s heart and teaches guys the in’s and out’s of courting a woman. Are you up for the challenge?

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