Guiding Our Children


Praying at Our Lady of La Leche

“At the end of my life, God will ask me one question…’What did you do with the children I gave to you?’  I will tell Him that I tried my best with all of you, but I don’t want anyone to be missing.  I wants all of us in Heaven together.”

– Erlinda Soratorio (Mommy)



I.  Parents as examples of love and purity

     – Role of Father

     – Role of Mother

     – Prayer and sacramental life

     – Christian influences

II.  Laying the Foundation

     – Early childhood (0-5)

     – Youth (6-11)

     – Pre-teen and Teenage years (12-17)

     – Young adulthood (18-20 somethings)


Photo:  Marianne with daughter Meleana Grace and pregnant with Therese Hope, praying at the entrance of Our Lady of La Leche Chapel in St. Augustine, FL (courtesy of Emeline Moya, 2008)

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