Marianne’s Talks

BELOVED: Rediscovering Dignity, Chastity, and Courtship

The desire to be cherished and loved is etched into the heart of every woman. She wants to know that she is worth more than her looks and even her abilities. But will she ever realize how beautiful she truly is? Where in the world will she find the Heart that is willing to pursue her and offer himself wholly to her? How will she know when it is a relationship that will last ’til death do us part?

All are welcome to hear this message of hope –

one that will inspire and encourage women once more to BE LOVED.

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NUNC COEPI (“Now I Begin”)

The journey to be walked…the tapestry to be woven…the masterpiece to be painted…the story to be told. It is a tribute to the Lord’s goodness and mercy, full of new beginnings and abundant in both laughter and tears. In this talk, Marianne recounts the life of joys and sufferings allowed to her by the One who loves her most. A life that is ever-changing and ever-blessed set on a road that bears the footprints of the Almighty God…

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us,
But to Your name give glory
Because of Your loving kindness, because of Your truth.” (Psalm 115:1)

UNFROZEN: Being the One Worth Melting For

All too often we get caught up in looking for Mr./Ms. Right. Without a significant other, we sometimes feel incomplete and devalued as we long for that special someone to come along and sweep us off our feet. Yet even when we have what we want, loneliness and isolation can still set in. Marianne takes the powerful themes of the Disney movie “Frozen” and breaks down the importance of personal dignity, self-love, and sacrifice…all necessary for a fruitful relationship with ourselves, our God, and those given to us to love.

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*** SPECIAL NOTE: In order to fully appreciate the lessons in this talk, it is highly advisable to see “Frozen” prior to attending. If this is not possible, please be aware that UNFROZEN will be jam-packed with references that may put a damper on your future movie-watching experience. Can’t say we didn’t warn you…

JESU, UFAM TOBIE: A Pilgrim’s Journey with Faustina, Maximilian, and JPII

Life is filled with questions – many of which go unanswered until years later, leaving us wondering what God is doing in our lives. Walk in the footsteps of a young woman traveling through Poland, begging God to clue her in on His plans. The story unfolds with time and reveals a future filled with faith, hope, and love far better than she could have ever dreamed up on her own. As they say, “It’s the stuff movies are made of…”


Catholic School Graduates: Are They Heaven-Ready?

Common Core is all the buzz about getting our students “college- and career-ready.” How can Catholic schools remain competitive with academic success while holding fast to the Faith that must stay central to all that we do? What determines a strong, transformative Catholic identity on campus that nurtures both the mind and the soul? Is it possible for teachers and administrators to integrate Catholic values into the various disciplines and activities at our schools? How well are we serving families so that parents are given tools to dialogue with their children about matters of faith and morals? These are key questions that need to be addressed when reflecting on the unique contributions that Heaven-bound graduates of Catholic education can make to the greater community and the world around them.


BE NOT AFRAID: Ministering to the JPII Generation

The fruit of St. John Paul II’s messages of chastity and authentic love as taught through Theology of the Body has grown in the lives of young people everywhere. As the JPII Generation moves deeper into their vocations, many of them continue to seek ways of glorifying God in their encounters with the opposite sex, in their dating relationships, and in their marriages. We must equip these men and women with the tools and the knowledge they need to remain pure, to fulfill God’s plan for love and life, and to heroically answer the universal call to holiness. Drawing from Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae Vitae and Pope John Paul II’s Familiaris Consortsio, we will lay the foundation upon which the Domestic Church can firmly stand. It is time that we encourage young families of faith to respond boldly to the summons, “Open wide the doors to Christ!”

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