What People are Saying about BELOVED

It seems that we are all on a search to love and be loved as we are. “Love” is what I saw as I read the description for BELOVED. I couldn’t help but feel compelled to go. I, myself, was feeling very inadequate and in need of a reminder. And so I went to Marianne’s presentation needing to remember my identity as a woman and the love I am called to be.

Through personal testimony and scripture Marianne highlights not only the beauty and mystery of a woman, but also conveys how precious her heart is. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard, so that the men of our generation rise to the occasion. As beloved, woman needs to be loved and reverenced. It took on a deeper meaning today…veiled, reverenced, and guarded. She shall be hidden in Christ, so that anyone who is pursuing her heart, must seek out the One to whom she is committed.



Breaking up with my first love was probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to go through. It was mutual and we both knew that our futures weren’t heading in the same direction. I surrounded myself with family and friends, but could not find a way to find that inner strength to move on. I was with people all the time, but I knew deep down inside that I had to be comfortable with being alone. I knew that I had to work on me: my career, myself, creating that master plan towards happiness, but how will I find that motivation to find love for myself?

BELOVED was the perfect place to find strength and love within myself through the love of God. Marianne speaks to the mind and the heart; through her words and spiritual guidance you feel an overwhelming sense of comfort. She exposes the dating flaws in our society and suggests a revolutionary form that changes the way we treat each other in the matter of love, marriage and sex. You will be enlightened and inspired, immediately feeling the change within. I now have a positive outlook on love, myself and my faith. Be a part of Beloved and you will be a part of change, a change in love and respect for God and yourself.



In my work, I see that love and marriage don’t work as well as they should in our society. Women do not recieve the love and respect they should, and have lost the sense of their incalculable worth. Men can’t find what they are looking for, and consequently are reluctant to commit. Many have trivial and unsatisfying relationships which do not lead to an altar. They are really not satisfied with the relationships they have, or have had. They yearn for something more. They know there is something more, even though they rarely experience it.

In very old movies, we can see true, lasting, self-sacrificial, profoundly rewarding love. In those times, true lasting profound love was more common in everyday life. True lasting love is the pearl of great price men and women seek. How to find true love is one of the most important things to learn. There must be a way or method to find the pearl of great price.

Young men and women can learn how to find true lasting love in Marianne Dyogi’s “BELOVED” class. It is a beautiful, wonderful and insightful presentation, which opens up a new and revolutionary way to think, and therefore to love. It should be seen by everyone. Especially those who hope to find, and give, true lasting love.

Guadalupe Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

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