Preparing for Marriage

Gary and Marianne engagement

Every decision you make along the road towards marriage is incredibly important – from the very moment you realize an attraction towards another person.  Do you tell them about your feelings?  What about dates and how “fast” or “slow” you should go?  How will you know if this person is The One for you?

We’ll share some lessons we learned about dating vs. courtship, the process of engagement, and making wedding plans that may help you as well.  There really is no one “right” way to do things but we hope to open your eyes to a new way of thinking…and you might find out that you want to try it too.



I. “Goodbye Dating, Hello Courtship”

II.  Engagement

– Mentoring and spiritual direction

– Natural Family Planning

– Engaged Encounter Weekend Retreat

III.  Wedding Planning

– Keeping things simple and Christ-centered

– Sample invitation & program

– What to do about Bachelor/Bachelorette parties

IV.  Recommended Resources

Photo:  Gary and Marianne’s Engagement (courtesy of Marlin Munoz Photography, 2005)

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