And all God’s children said, “Amen!”

Wow, what a day…

I was excited…nervous…and I couldn’t get to sleep last night but it was all worth it!  When Jason asked me to speak at the Youth Prayer Rally, I jumped at the chance without realizing how involved we would really get with it.  I felt so strongly about sharing God’s message of Love with the youth, so I volunteered to give a prep talk at one of their meetings a few weeks ago.  Since then I’ve seen how powerfully the Holy Spirit has been working in this group and I praise God for their open minds and hearts.  It has been one amazing journey.

From the lesson on chastity to the hula session leading up to tonight, we have been so in awe over the fire God has lit in the souls of these kids. Praise God for “Marco Antonio”, Abby, Toni, Jason, Joanne, Nicole, and the other young adults at Holy Family who have been guiding this group along the way. I am so grateful for the work He is doing through each one of them because it gives me hope for the future of my own children. If we can revolutionize the culture we live in, great things can happen. Granted that it will not happen without some sacrifice, we have the prayers of all the angels and saints and the grace of God Himself to make it all possible.

Here are snippets of the blessings we have received through this community…

Hula session at Youth Night

Kakolika – “The Prayer”

Kakolika - "How Great is Our God"
Kakolika – “How Great is Our God”

YPR 2009 Beloved shirt
YPR 2009 Beloved shirt


Thank you, UTC, for the inspiration and opportunity to share this night with you!