A Witness to Life

Life Chain

Meleana and Gary at the Long Beach Life Chain

This was our first time attending any kind of active pro-life demonstration.  Amidst a number of other things we had to do today, it was a hectic Sunday, but we were really glad we went.  Lots of feelings come with being part of an event like this…especially if you’ve never done it before.  It was awesome hearing the supporting cheers and honks from the people driving by.  Then there were those who silently made their way through the intersection and chose not to respond to the signs.  And the one man who made sure we knew how much he absolutely hated the pro-life movement…Gary just looked at me and smiled…I said a prayer for him…because that’s all we could really do.

The most amazing thing about the whole experience was just being there with the kids and seeing my husband so unafraid to be a witness.  He’s always been open to new things, so as soon as we got there, he picked up a sign and picked a spot among the crowd where it could be seen.


What a blessed Sunday it was…

“A child should never be seen as a consequence.” – Gary Dyogi


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