It’s an exciting time…

We’ve been busy…with a lot of things.  I just finished my first month of the new school year and as happy I was to see my students again, we’ve had a lot to do!  Since it is the Year of the Priesthood, Cardinal Mahoney has asked each parish/school to have a Vocation plan for the year.  I’m the school representative on the Vocations Council, so you can imagine how the wheels have been spinning in my mind about all the things we can do to promote religious vocations!

Gary and I have been asked by the Catholic Newman Club at Cal State Long Beach to give our “Goodbye Dating…Hello Courtship” talk this coming Wednesday evening.  They have chosen to theme their meetings after the mysteries of the Holy Rosary and we fall into the night of the second Luminous Mystery, the Wedding at Cana.  We’re always happy to share our story and lessons we’ve learned, and I’m especially excited because we get to do this one together. =)

I’m also up early this morning to finish my FertilityCare Services Provider application, and I just wrote the essay to mail along with it.  The first phase of training is in November and I already have potential clients lined up!  I can’t wait because there is such a great need in the Church for more NFP (natural family planning) providers.

Here’s an excerpt of the essay:

The bottom line for me is this – I want to change the culture.  I want to be proactive in this revolution.  I would like to be part of the solution to the rising numbers of Catholics who are unknowingly participating in the culture of death through their use of artificial contraception.  I want to provide an opportunity for couples to nurture their marriages and enhance their communication about the gift of sexual intimacy that they share with one another.  I hope to connect women who are dealing with challenges with their own fertility to resources so that they can receive necessary and appropriate medical attention.  How wonderful it would be if there were FertilityCare Centers across the United States where couples can go to help and advise them along in natural family planning – as numerous, if not more than there are Planned Parenthood facilities!

Big dreams, I know…but all things are possible with God.  He wills our lives to be better than we can even plan for ourselves, and He wants us to be open to his blessings.  What greater blessing is there than the gift of LIFE?  Please pray that this movement will be covered by His providential hand.  St. Gianna, pray for us…


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