The Chosen TV Series – Episode 3: Jesus Loves the Little Children

“Everyone has a much larger job than just their trade.” – Jesus

I’ve been doing a lot of sorting through, praying through, and pushing through some tough emotional stuff in the past couple of weeks since my last post on The Chosen. What’s interesting is that I needed to come back to the heart of my own inner child and reclaim the trust shattered and innocence lost such a long time ago.

Part of me believed that Episode 3 was more fitting to speak to my own Dyogi kids who have watched it MULTIPLE times. They absolutely love how Jesus spends time with the children…how He teaches them and entertains them…just as I’m sure He would if they were to encounter Him today.

Now that I’m choosing to give Jesus my pain for the umpteenth time, I’m learning how to better listen to Him with childlike simplicity. The girls have come to me lately with very complex wonderings about the faith and things they experience in their spiritual life, and I’m lifting it all up to Jesus as this little group of youngsters do.

Sometimes answers are not meant to be given to us now. But I must tell you that the faith of these kiddos living in our household carries me through some pretty dark moments. I’ll share with Gary something they said or wrote, and we’ll just look at each other in astonishment. I personally never encountered anything like this before as a child. They really BELIEVE.

The Lord is ministering to them as closely as He is ministering to me in prayer, if not more, because of their openness to His word. I love how Jesus always focuses on His greater mission and encourages them in theirs.

So instead of being overwhelmed by negativity, difficult situations, and external circumstances I cannot control, this is reminding me to set my eyes on the One who offers the peace that this world cannot give. Not just for the powerful and the wealthy, but for all who seek His face.

“Let the little children come to me.” (Matthew 19:14)

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