40 Days for Life Kick Off Rally

Monday, February 15, 2010

Come prepare, be inspired, share your heart for God’s mandate for life.

St Cornelius Catholic Church
5500 E Wardlow Rd
Long Beach, CA

Starts at 5:00 PM with mass.

5:00 PM Mass
5:30 PM Move to hall
5:35 PM ACTSM prayer (Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, Supplication, Mother Mary) A beautiful, powerful and meditative prayer! Lori Rae Martin of AudioGirl Ministries will accompany and support the prayer with inspriational music and song .
5:50 PM Refreshments
6:00 PM Introduction to 40 Days For Life Campaign
6:15 PM First Speaker – Ma’May Faucher is the Director of CBR donor support. She’s known to give powerful speeches and testimonies. She really has a gift.
6:25 PM Second Speaker – Paul Kim is the MC for Catholic Underground, and is positively upbeat and exciting when it comes to rallies! He is a prayer warrior and a sidewalk counselor as well! He is very musically talented, and will give us a fun, upbeat inspirational performance as well as a short speech to get us rallied up!

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