Once upon a time, I made it a habit to pray a Hail Mary whenever I passed a particular “Gentleman’s Club” billboard on the junction from the 405 to the 105 freeway.  Of course I wanted the place itself to close, but I at least wanted that billboard to be taken down because it was not helping anybody.

Since I moved here to Culver City, I have prayed every day that we’ve driven by it.  I have asked my students to pray also.  Today as we were driving home from the hospital, Gary shares with me that the stripper billboard has been changed to a lupus awareness billboard!

I have lupus.

Obviously God is trying to show me how clearly he heard my prayer because now THIS billboard can help so many people – people like me!  Not only did it make me feel personally connected to the answered prayer, but it also confirmed the importance and effectiveness of praying for purity in all aspects of our society.

What wonderful news!  Praise the Lord!