Heart of Life Conference: Introduction to Theology of the Body

Heart of Life Conference: Introduction to Theology of the Body
Date(s): February 6th
Location: Carson Civic Center
701 E Carson Street
Carson CA, 90754
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Presented By: Christopher West
Contact: Michelle Reyes
Phone: 951-797-9797
Email: cfcheartoflife2010@gmail.com
Web Site: Click Here
Download: Download File
Cost: $35
Description: This conference is sponsored by Couples for Christ and is open to all. The conference aims to inform and inspire Christians about the beauty and richness of the Catholic faith. Christopher will be presenting an introduction to theology of the body designed to give a thorough understanding of God’s plan for humanity – a plan stamped right in our bodies. This seminar cracks open the theology of the body, guided by Christopher West’s wit, wisdom and insight. Through the lens of John Paul II’s teachings, attendees will come to see the truth which enables them to overcome the lies of lust and see the redemption of their sexuality as the key to happiness.

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