Falling deeper in love

I’ve been retyping our story for you.  Not quite done yet, but almost.  It’s the next “big thing” that I’m going to add to the blog.  Why?  Because people ask, and it’s a fun read.  At least for me, it is. =)  

Yes, people want to know how we met.  Or where I found him.  I actually didn’t find him.  He found me…on MySpace.

“For real?”

You read correctly, friends.  As my SPOC student Yousy recently exclaimed, “But there are MILLIONS of people on MySpace!!  How could you find her out of all those people?!”

God works in mysterious ways.

And the whole story is about God working…that’s why I need  to tell it and friends have loved listening…to the “Cliff notes” version, that is.  But since we are all so busy these days, I thought I’d share it here for you to read for yourself and see how He changed my heart.  It does me a whole lot of good to read it myself again and again because it helps me see how Providence truly reigns supreme.  God is SO good.  So good.

Our story also makes me appreciate the man I chose to marry.  Ordinary life is full of ordinary days.  The vocations of marriage and parenting are incredibly fulfilling, but we are not spared the challenges and difficulties that come with them.  Some days I forget who he is for me, and coming back to the journey God took us on in our early days makes me realize all over again that as human as Gary is…he is still AMAZING.

How does the story play into the theme of purity?  Our entire relationship has served most of the inspiration for the content of this blog.  Yes, there is much more to tell…much more to share than what you will read in “Part One”.  You just have to keep in touch and wait to find out…


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