The Journey of the Warrior

Day 1 Egg

Day 1 – I was told to break an egg. I got a Sharpie and started writing. Thérèse found this quite strange and wondered what I was doing. I explained to her that I was writing things down that kept me from being positive and that I would then break the egg with my hands. She said she didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think I could, either. So I tried…and lo and behold, it wouldn’t break. After a few attempts and a bit of frustration, I tried again. I broke the egg with one hand. I got past the arthritis, but more importantly, I went beyond the “I can’t do this” because HE gave me the strength to do it. It was as if those self-defeating thoughts were lifted out of my mind by a Person more powerful than I was. As soon as I felt the relief of negativity, the shell crumbled in my hand. I showed my daughter and was really proud of myself. I want my children to know His capacity in their lives, but I have to experience it first in mine. And so it begins… #theLordismystrength

Day 1 Post-it

My husband is making it easier for me to look in the mirror every morning. ❤️ #faceyourself